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Rouen Duck Eggs

"Among the domestic ducks raised by French farmers several hundred years ago were some resembling large Mallards. Around 1800, these ducks reached England, where they were variously called "Rhone," for an area in southwest France, "Rohan," for a Catholic Cardinal, "Roan," a mixture of colors, and finally "Rouen," for a town in north central France" (Holderread, 2001). A Rouen weighs at least three times that of a Mallard. Rouens are considered by many connoisseurs and foodies to have the best tasting meat of all ducks. This heritage breed has seen numbers decline since the beginning of the 20th Century, and is on the Watch List of the Livestock Conservancy.

Rouen Duck Eggs

SKU: 00000000002
  • 3 large eggs, approximately 25 grams each.

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