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Policies are provided in Turkish where legal course applies.

Shipping Policy

For questions about shipping or for help placing an order, please contact us by emailing or calling .

Due to a high volume of recent orders and possible delays by our shippers, please note that your order may take longer than usual to fulfill.
We recommend postponing shipments during periods of very hot (highs of 30° or more) or very cold (highs of -5° or below) weather. We will monitor weather in your area and contact you when we find a good window to ship.
All packages are shipped using a common carrier and the shipping prices include packaging materials. You will be notified by email when your products are shipped. In general we will arrange for your products to be shipped shortly after your order is placed. However, in an effort to protect your products, please be aware that your order may be held for ideal weather and shipping conditions.

Return & Exchange Policy

If you are not satisfied with your purchase from us, or if we have made an error in fulfilling your order, please reply to any email already associated with your order, email us at, or call 532-540-4086. Our staff will review each case on an individual basis based on the facts and circumstances and we guarantee that it will be resolved promptly.

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